Make It On Time.jpg

1. Boogieland
2. Crossroad
3. The Near Dearly Departed
4. You Will Always Have My Love
5. Make It On Time
6. Some People
7. Where Would I Be
8. The French Painter/Drive 'Er Down
9. Don't Wait On Me
10. Rockaway
11. Two Islands
12. The Deep Blue
13. The Navy On The Line/ Jim Hodder's Reel
14. A Winter's Tale

Released November 2, 1998

Produced By Dave and Geoff Panting. 

Recorded by Dave Hillier at First City Productions, St John's, Newfoundland (assisted by Spencer Crewe and Scott Doyle) and at Mr. Hillier's home studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Additional Recording by Geoff Panting at The Arts and Culture Centre basement theatre, Geoff’s house, and Dave's house in St. John's. 

Mixed by Chad Irschick with the Panting Brothers at Inception Sound in Toronto, Ontario. 

Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios, Inc., Portland, Maine, USA. 

Guest Musicians: 
Gail Tapper: Harp on "A Winter's Tale" 
Christina Smith: Cello on "A Winter's Tale" 
Chris Corrigan joins in The Gentlemen's Chorus on "Boogieland" 

Graphic Design: Doug Aucoin
Photography: Stephen Isleifson