Living River.jpg

1. Forever Dancing
2. A Matter of the Heart
3. The Morning After
4. Wild Rose
5. When My Ship Comes In
6. A Sad Story
7. Open Road
8. Little Sara/Jessie's Jig

9. A Little of Your Lovin' (Goes a Long Long Way)
10. Through It All
11. The Long Way Home
12. Baby- Oh
13. Mairi Nighean Alasdair

Released March 19, 1996

Produced by: Rawlins Cross & Chad Irschick
Engineered and Mixed by: Chad Irschick
Second Engineers: Mike Roper and Jacques Poirier
Recorded and Mixed at Inception Sound Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Mastered by: Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios Inc. Portland, Maine, USA

Guest Musicians:
Natalie MacMaster (Fiddle on "Mairi Nighean Alasdair), Brian Leonard (Percussion)

Cover Art by: Francois Gaudet
Band Photo by: Carol Kennedy
Art Direction and Design by: Doug Aucoin